Mobile technologies

Prompt Engineering provides specialized services in the area of measurement and benchmarking of mobile networks. Company provides benchmark automation for voice and data traffic of country-wise mobile operators (including Internet Keys, Mobile Handsets and Smartphones).

Prompt Engineering offers also consulting services in network planning and optimization activities using synergy and integration of expertise in Mechanical Engineering and advanced Mobile Technologies.

Management of network quality is essential for the economic performance of every network, either for the quality leader who aims to deliver the best possible consumer experience or value leader, which wants to deliver the acceptable experience for the least possible cost. Specialized measurements ensure the maximum value out of the investment in mobile networks infrastructure while benchmarking give the insight on what the competitors are doing and how to choose the most effective strategies.

Prompt Engineering offers professional network services based on the best high-tech equipment and know-how. Company is able to provide indoor and outdoor measurements covering major and minor cities, municipalities, administrative areas and geographical regions, including highways and railways. Prompt Engineering expertise includes Swap Missions («pre and post» network upgrades), verifying performance before and after network reconfigurations or expansions, (including activation of new sites and services, software and hardware upgrades in specific geographic areas). All our services are tailor-made to the needs of our clients.

Prompt Engineering activities can be summarized as follows:

QoS Assessment for network
Measurement & benchmarking
Test definition & execution
Data collection & processing
E2E interoperability testing (IoT)