Fatigue and demage tolerance

Prompt Engineering is able to provide consulting services in the following areas:

Fatigue Analysis

Experience in this field includes FEM based stress-based and strain-based fatigue analysis methods, conventional uniaxial fatigue and multiaxial fatigue approaches.

Experience is not limited to the analysis of conventional metallic components, but also covers joints and welds (seam welds and spot welds).

Fracture Analysis

Crack growth analysis is also part of the core expertise. Conventional analyses based on custom tools like AFGROW and NASGRO, as well as higher fidelity approaches based on FEM are regularly employed.

Moreover, crack propagation in highly complex structures can be simulated.

A technical partnership is in place with Fracture Analysis Consultants Inc. (FAC) (founded in 1988 as a spin-off from the R&D at Cornell University), which provides additional computational fracture mechanics know-how as part of the DVL Fatigue services. Crack propagation in highly complex structures can be simulated with FRANC3D (developed by FAC).


Prompt Engineering uses Benchmarking approach in order to identify the best practices and success factors related to its consultancy activity in the field of Fatigue and Damage Tolerance.