Business intelligence

Nowadays for a firm data management has become critical.

Increasingly there is the need to transform data into information assets, processing the same information, in order to derive the greatest possible knowledge of company. This in order to adopt the best strategies of the market in the shortest possible time.

In modern competition, a manager is required to plan, set goals, measure, interpret and analyze the results fastly, efficiently and effectively.

The individual segments of any enterprise generates different data between each other, and often data/reports are not "semantic." In this case, those who are on the top, or at least who have to make a decision, either are lost in the maze of data, or are in need of resources who work to solve this problem.

Practically, today more than ever enterprises have the need to turn data into information assets and these last ones, after processing in knowledge. This in order to take the best market strategies, the best administrative decisions and auditing, to enhance the monitoring of HR activities (Business Intelligence), or to enhance the monitoring of automated production processes (Manufacturing Intelligence).

Prompt Engineering is able to provide

clients with turn-key and tailor made solutions, as Company team analyzes the client’s specific business needs in order to:

The target of this service is to develop CPM (Corporate Performance Management), Decision Support, Business Analytics, Reporting, Simulation and Big Data mining.